Private pickup


We have to ask, is the delivery company without weight limit. Price is also, will you carry the basic ¥ 9,900.

No weight limit, ¥ 9900 Deals!

Guidance of collection regional and collection date

Please click on the list.Big I looks.

Additional Provinces Rates

BOX Order Form for personal computer

BOX Order Form for cellular phone

PICK UP form for personal computer

PICK UP form for cellular phone

Mangyaring tiyakin na ito ay ipinagbabawal na materyal.


Ito ay ang tanging bagay, kapag hindi mo alam pagkatapos ng kumpirmasyon, mangyaring makipag-ugnay sa amin.


Ay ipinapadala nang inilarawan sa listahan pagpapakete, kapag ito ay natagpuan, sa amin, bilang lamang ng object, maaari walang pananagutan.

  • Rice               : max. 0 kilos
  • Pornographic  materials : pictures,cd’s dvd’s vhs,cassette tapes,laser disc: 25 pcs limit
  • Buto o punla ng anumang uri ng halaman
  • Mga pagkaing nabubulok at madaling masira
  • Mga prutas o gulay
  • Gas bombe,battery ng sasakyan\charger
  • Fire extinguisher,ligther,machines na ginagamitan ng gasolina
  • Motorbikes at spare parts ng sasakyan (gulong, atbp.)
  • Toy guns
  • Mga bagay na nakakasakit {deadly weapons}
  • Kemika; na nakakalason
  • Flammable materials
  • Medicine\glutathione
  • Commercial items; cosmetics-whole box
  • Paint,oil,lubricants
  • Fertilizer\soil
  • Laptop-3 desktop -2 sets
  • Console -5
  • Welding machine
  • Air compressor\any kind
  • Water pump
  • Fireworks,grass cutter,samurai
  • Slot machine/generator
  • Banned for commercial

It is written also in prohibited items, but fragile, please be packing by the attention in fragile packing. Fragile breakables, put in the center of the luggage, to reduce the impact, thank you. (Dropping the luggage, such as with a lift) from external, and by increasing get to that which can be identified with the shock, but is willing to consider a resolution in discussion, when you carry the luggage, there will be rolling up, down, left, or right you. Packing, ensure, to the contents of the gap, thank you.

packing list Download
Download Excel, to the downloaded file, you will be able to implant.
Microsoft Excel Table 50.0 KB
CARGO computer game machine (if you want to send)
By the time it is sent, such as a personal computer, and put in an envelope along with the packing list is described in this list, please paste it into the outside of the box.
Microsoft Word Document 31.0 KB

Transfer account

ゆうちょ銀行(Post office) 


KIGO/BANGO  01970  6 - 44045   ケントキカク 



KIGO:: 019706                            ケントキカク

BANGO:: 44045           (KENT PLANNING)


Bank Code:YUTYO BANK(9900)

Branch code ICHI  KYU  KYU(199)

Account type : Current account

Account Number: 0044045 

Name:ケントキカク(KENT PLANNING)