Manaro Mika trade transfer account

Transfer account



ゆうちょ銀行(Post office) 


Bank transfer: Japan Post Bank

Japan Post Bank [Post Office]

Symbol :number 01970 – 6-44045 Kent Planning


Transfer from Japan Post Bank ATM Symbol

: 019706 Number: 44045 Kent Planning


Transfer from other banks and ATMs, 199th branch [Store No. 199]

for the moment 0044045 Kent Planning


             Thank you.


BOX Size Jumbo  :  75x55x63(cm)

          1pc 700yen   MAX5pcs send fee 880yen
                    COD fee:350yen

Half  : 37x55x63(㎝)

                     1pc 500yen   MAX10pcs send fee 880yen

                    COD fee:350yen

Additional Provinces Rates